Thoughts Along The Journey: I Want to Lead My Family Well

Sunday September 22, 2013 we celebrate because Olivia got baptized! 1236759_10153269068860790_450798536_n

Is it wrong to say we waited too long? She is a bright girl who can grasp difficult ideas and concepts, she is socially well adjusted and has a beautiful personality.  She had the capacity to understand and choose this years ago, but never did.  That’s my fault.  I never pushed her toward- I may have even pulled her away from this decision.  I let spiritual conversation happen, we read the Bible and pray- but I never challenged her and called her deeper than she already was.  Of course I justified my thoughts and lack of action- she was stubborn, and proud, and disrespectful at times, and not ready to give up some things- so she wasn’t ready- I’d even use harsh language when she acted this way to tell her ‘this is why she wasn’t ready to be baptized.’

Here, today, I confess and I repent.

I will challenge her and call her deeper, I will intentionally have hard conversations, I will demonstrate the gospel, I will show her what it looks like to be a disciple, I will join God on mission and bring her with me, I will pour out my life for the sake of the lost and least, and show her and teach her and push her towards Jesus.

This goes for Eden and Grayson too.

And as a husband- to my wife, Robin, too.

So, I’m guessing I’m not alone.  Dads, as the spiritual leaders of our families, let’s start today, together- giving time to what’s most important- more important than school or sports or other activities- more important than jobs or perfectly manicured lawns or hobbies.  Let’s work at being servant leaders of our families- listening to them and God’s Spirit- and doing whatever it takes to lead your family well.