Advent Hope, Tuesday

Hey there, you may or may not know but we have a study guide for you that leads you deeper into Sunday’s Advent meditation. For this week, we remember Advent-Hope.

Here is what you will find in the study guide.

  • A little background on the prophet we listened to on Sunday.
  • Just over one page of introduction that leads in to the study written from a cultural perspective.
  • The focus text to explore and study
  • Practical reflection questions centered upon the text in light of the Advent season (you can take one or two a day, or do it all in one sitting)
  • Closing meditation with a closing question (or two)
  • A prayer

You can download the Advent Study Guide here as well as find other resources. We want Advent to be a meaningful season for all of you. If you choose to download the study guide, please email me and let me know you did ( I hope you find it formative and helpful. It was a blessing and joy to put it together.

In the meantime, Garrett creates these great little graphics from Sunday’s conversation. He chooses the portions of the conversation that he believes are the most stirring and poignant. Our hope is that they spur on more conversation in your hearts and homes.

Each day we will share these graphics via the blog. We hope they bless you as you remain joined in God’s pursuit of restoring lives during this Advent season. May we all listen well to the prophets and open our eyes to the prophetic ministry of our Lord Jesus, and see the “new way forward” he proposes.

See you Sunday.
Your bro,

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