WCC Connections!

Hello all,

We are excited to get this new ministry moving forward. Intentionally creating a way to welcome others is becoming increasingly important in a society of fragmentation that builds systems of exclusivism and exclusion.  We have proximity with others but no neighborliness. WCC Connections is our way of intentionally embracing the colleges students within our proximity, those living and worshipping among us. It is a way of “adopting” a college student into your life and family, to welcome them as Christ has welcomed us into the family of God. They are, in turn, doing the same to you.

WCC Connections promotes gracious hospitality among families through embracing, supporting, and encouraging college students. Here is how it will work:

Interested students at WCC will be connected with a family as a pathway to community with the church. Families will strive to make weekly connections with their student(s) in a variety of ways. These points of connection can be big or small. Examples included:

  • Inviting students to their home for family dinners
  • Praying regularly with and for the student
  • Inviting students to sit with the family at church gatherings
  • Sending encouraging cards or texts
  • Meeting & treating for coffee, dessert, or a meal
  • Assisting with transportation
  • Making laundry facilities available

As ministry leaders commissioned by the Shepherds of WCC, Adam and Danielle Barger, will help facilitate these connections through connecting families to students, offering support, and communicating connection ideas and reminders to families on a regular basis. We are grateful for their leadership!

If you are a interested, please go here and fill out the appropriate questionnaire:


If you have any further questions, email Adam (fonz87001@yahoo.com) or Danielle (dcbarger87001@yahoo.com).


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