Good Friday: The Cross Speaks What is True

In the Cross, God speaks what is true for those who believe. As the Word Incarnate died upon it the Cross becomes His voice. In the Cross, God offers this message of truth in both a promise and summons. The promise is new life lived with God now and forever. The summons is to live this new life with a deep-seated trust and obedience to the way of life witnessed in Jesus, and to do so in community with others who believe. In the Cross, God speaks what is true. 

No longer lost, we can live in light.

No longer dead, we can come alive.

No longer blind, we can see.

No longer suffocating, we can freely breathe.

No longer broken, we can be healed.

No longer numb, we can feel.

No longer stained, we can be made pure.

No longer weak, we can endure.

No longer deceived, we can know the truth.

No longer must we search, His love is proof.

He is our way. He is our light.

He is always true. He is our life.

He never leaves. He is our peace.

He is our help and sweet relief.

He is our strength. He is sure.

He is more than enough. He is the crucified Lord.

Have a meaningful Holy Saturday and I look forward to us being together on Resurrection Sunday!

Your bro,


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